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Steve Myers

Co-Founder, Engineering

Steve has over twenty years of professional experience in the computer industry with an emphasis in software development and high end server and network architecture. He is passionate about developing secure easy to use Bitcoin applications.

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Marc Lundwall

Co-Founder, Business Development

International Civil Servant by day and entrepreneur at heart. Believer in tapping the positive power of Bitcoin and Blockchains.

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Richard Myers

Co-Founder, Product Management

Richard is a professional software developer with over twenty years of experience. He is an expert in all aspects of the software creation process from design and architecture through implementation, testing and support.

More About Our Team.

We built Bytabit because we believe everyone should have the power to exchange value safely, privately and without permission.

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The mission of the Bytabit team is to provide the most secure, private, and convenient way to buy and sell bitcoin.

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